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The Future of Magento

Peter Jaap BlaakmeerOrange dot14 Sep 2021

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Magento has been a big part of our life over here at elgentos. We started with Magento almost 10 years ago and went through a lot of ups an downs with it, but we still love it! The Magento Community is a strong and vibrant one, and one that has given us lots of joy, knowledge and meaningful relationships over the years.

However, since Adobe has acquired Magento, there are some concerns about the lifespan of what is generally called the Magento Monolith.

We are kickstarting an intitiave to making sure the Magento Community has a bright future ahead. To safeguard this, we have pledged our support to the Future of Magento by signing an open letter to the Magento Community, written by what is for now called the Mage Open Source Community Alliance. This letter is signed by multiple prominent agencies and individuals working with Magento Community who want to make clear Magento is here to stay.

You can read our open letter and join us here; The Future of Magento.