Magento Statistics

5 december 2012 - 3 min read

Magento statistics

As may be known to you, Magento has rapidly become the leader in the ecommerce software world. But exactly how big? And what are some other statistics related to Magento?

In order to help our clients make the decision for Magento, we use a wide range of statistics. And in order to help our developers make choices on what to focus on, we use another range of statistics. All these statistics are graciously provided by our good friends at Dataprovider (

Dataprovider, as per their tagline, crawls the web and structures the data. It can recognize the system a site is built with, on which server software it is running, in what branch they are operating, where they are from, what payment methods they use, etcetera etcetera. Their very easy to use GUI gives you the power to pull out statistics easily, down to individual website level!

We’ve put together some statistics concerning e-commerce and Magento. As we’ve said before, Magento is the de facto leader in the ecommerce software world. But by what margin? And are there differences between countries? We’ve broken down the data and made some pretty diagrams for you to drool at.

First off, the reach of Magento across the globe. Dataprovider has recognized 56.548 sites as a Magento webshop, spread out over the countries Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and the United States. Below is a map with the absolute number of Magento shops found in each country of these countries.

Magento across the globe

Now we dive a little bit deeper into The Netherlands, where we (elgentos ecommerce solutions) and Dataprovider are situated. We wanted to know exactly how popular Magento is in The Netherlands. Here is a nice breakdown of all the shopping cart systems Dataprovider could recognize;

Webshop systems market share in NL

As you can see, Magento is the leader with 21.6%, followed by with 19%. is a hosted solution for simple shops which runs you about 20 euro a month, which explains its popularity.

We were also interested in payment methods; which are the most commonly used ones in The Netherlands?

Payment methods in NL

As you can see, iDeal is by far the most commonly used payment method. PayPal, Afterpay and Klarna are rapidly gaining popularity. How rapidly? We don’t know yet, but we’ll keep measuring these statistics every month so we can provide you with some statistics concerning growth/decline of the various e-commerce systems, payment methods, etcetera.

So what kind of webshops are running on Magento? In which industry are they operating? Dataprovider broke the results down per ‘category’ (i.e. verticals) so we get a nice summary of this.

Magento verticals

Fashion is, not surprisingly, the biggest category. The runner-up is, also not surprisingly, Electronics but the third place is, surprisingly, Vehicles. We suspect this is due to a large share of spare auto part sites.

Now on to a little bit more technical stuff; the server software Magento runs on. We broke this down for the Netherlands and world-wide (or at least, the countries we’ve previously mentioned).

Magento webservers

It’s probably not a surprise Apache is the biggest. The Dutchies need to step up their game though and should upgrade to the newest Apache version as soon as possible, seeing that 51% is still running on Apache 2.0.

Thanks to for the data!


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